One Year and 2 Months Later

Holy Wow! I haven’t posted anything on here since January 11, 2012

At that time I had just started my own record label, Ghostbot Records, and released Ghostbot Records 001: Pangea Killer Dreams 7″ EP. That pressing sold out of it’s first run and 2 more Ghostbot releases came out in 2012: God Equals Genocide Rattled Minds CD & Man’s Assassination, Man The Big One LP, both of which I recorded & mixed and probably posted about on this site at some point. Well, here we are in March of 2013 and on March 1st GBR004: Matthew Hart From The Backyard 7″ EP was just released and there are at least 3 more Ghostbot Records releases in the pipeline for this year!

2012 was a busy year with lots of new clients and of course old clients playing in new bands too. Some of the groups I was working with last year include: Pangea (still working on producing their upcoming full-length album), Spokenest, Neverever, AKA, American Grizzly, jazz quartet The Anthropic Ensemble (Max Gualtieri leads this band and also plays gtr/sings in hardcore group AKA), a couple of sessions with Fullerton’s Audacity (the first band on the mighty Burger Records) and Charlyne Yi and her band The Rangdangs, to name a few.

A lot of those projects will be seeing release sometime this year, and I will try and keep up to date with all the appropriate links on the Credits page of this site.

Two other big 2012 news items for me were that my wife and I bought a house and we got our first cats, two sisters: Khaleesi & Fangsana. We are smitten and now all we think about are cats cats cats cats.



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