AKA: Golden Chains CD [Self-Released] 2013 (recorded, mixed & mastered)
AKA Golden Chains





American GrizzlyShow Yr Teeth Digital [forthcoming full length] 2013 (recorded, mixed & mastered)





The Anthropic Ensemble: The Anthropic Ensemble’s EP CD [Self-Released] 2012 (recorded, mixed & mastered)
Anthropic Ensemble EP





Audacity: “Scare Them, Boo” from Fraggle Rock: Dream A Little Dream & See compilation [Beta Petrol/Jim Henson Co.] 2013 (recorded & mixed)





Audacity: “Bottle It Up” from split 7″ with Big Eyes [Volar Records] 2013 (recorded & mixed)





Badlands: So Little Cassette [Bite the Cactus/Ghostbot Records] 2013 (mastered)







Bird Strike: “I’m A Punk” 1-Sided 7″ Lathe Cut [Self-Released Ltd Ed. of 28] 2013 (mastered)
Birdstrike FrontBirdstrike Back






Chad & the Meatbodies: “Mountain” from split 7″ with Ty Segall [Famous Class] 2013 (recorded, mixed & mastered MB side)






Chad & the Meatbodies: Demos Cassette [GOD?? Records] 2013 (mastered)






Cheeto Champ: Cheeto Champ Gets the Giggles CD-EP [Lauren Records] 2011 (recorded & mixed)
Cheeto Champ






Dream BoysDream Boys CD/LP/Cassette [Art Fag Recordings/Burger Records] 2013 (recorded drums & bass tracks)
Dream Boys Cover






Kim Free: Rain LP [currently in production] 2013 (recorded & mixed)


God Equals Genocide: Rattled Minds LP/CD/Cassette [Dirtcult/Razorcake/Ghostbot/Burger/CornDog] 2012 (recorded & mixed)
GEG Rattled MindsFrenchGEG


God Equals Genocide: 3 GEG tracks split 7″ with Libyans [Dirtcult Records] 2011 (recorded & mixed GEG side)
GEG Libyans






Handski: Terminal Dreamland Digital [Self-Released] 2013 (recorded, mixed & mastered)


Matthew Hart: From the Backyard 7″ EP [Ghostbot Records] 2013 (recorded & mixed)
Matthew Hart






Hotel La Rut: Song Songs Inferno CD [Self-Released] 2012 (recorded & mixed)
Hotel La RutHLR Pink





the Lower Echelon: Upcoming EP 2014 (recorded, mixed & mastered)


Man’s Assassination, Man: The Big OneLP/CA [Ghostbot Records/Selection Records] 2012 (recorded & mixed)
Man's Ass





Neighborhood Brats: Total Dementia EP [Erste Theke Tonträger/Dirtnap] 2013 (produced, recorded & mixed)
Nighborhood Brats Total Dementia Largenb72





togetherPANGEA: Badillac LP/CD/Cassette [Harvest Records/Burger Records] 2014 (produced & recorded)






togetherPANGEA: Snakedog/Offer 7″ EP/Cassingle [Harvest Records/Burger Records] 2013 (produced & recorded)
together PANGEA snakedog single






Pangea: Killer Dreams 7″ EP [Ghostbot Records] 2012 (recorded & mixed)
Pangea Killer Dreams






Pangea: “Little Alligator” from The Animal Within Us comp CD [Caring Is Cool] 2011 (recorded & mixed)






Pangea: Living Dummy LP/CD/CA  [Burger Records/Lauren Records] 2011 (recorded & mixed)
Living Dummy CDLPLiving Dummy CA






Pangea: “C.I.A.” from I Think We Should Stay Away From Each Other comp LP [Lauren Records] 2011 (recorded & mixed)
I Think We comp






Pangea: Jelly Jam CA [Lost Sound Tapes] 2010 (recorded & mixed)
Jelly Jam






Pangea: Never Not Know Nothing 7” EP [Stress Domain Records] 2009 (recorded & mixed)
Pangea NNKN






The Rangdangs: Yelling For Your Ears CA [forthcoming cassette on Burger Records] 2013 (recorded & mixed)
The Rangdangs






Roman Candles: Upcoming 7″ (Plan-It-X Records) 2014 (mastered)


Sadwich: Upcoming Full-length 2014 (recorded & mixed)


Spokenest: We Move 12″ EP [Spokenest Records] 2013 (recorded & mixed)





Spokenest: #2(Destroy Gone Listen Lose) Cassette EP [Spokenest Records] 2014 (recorded, mixed & mastered)
Spokenest tape


Steppe People: Upcoming 7″ EP 2014 (recorded & mixed)


Summer Vacation/Glocco Mora: split 7″ [Lauren Records] 2013 (recorded & mixed the SV side)
SV GM Split 7 Cover





Summer Vacation: Discography CA [Lauren Records] 2012 (recorded & mixed 4 Conditionb-side tracks)
SV Discog Tape





Summer Vacation: 27 Songs from Various Releases of 2009-2011 CD [Tour Only Ltd Ed of 60] 2012 (recorded & mixed 4 Condition b-sides)
SV Discog CD






Summer VacationCondition LP/CD/CA [Recess/Razorcake/Lauren Records/K.I.T] 2011 (recorded & co-mixed)
SV Condition





Wand: Upcoming Full-Length (Label to be announced) 2014 (recorded)


White Night: Upcoming 7″ (Dirtcult Records) 2014 (recorded & mixed)


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